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A Big Thank You to All The Local Hereos   03/03/2018

Fair play to our local farmers and in particular our proud sponsor Gerry Kearns Plant Hire who have been doing terrific work over the last few days to help the local community clear the roads and get supplies to people who have been snowed in.

A little poem that we came across that we think everyone should remember over the coming weeks, months and years!!

So many hate the farmers

they don't like tractors on the roads

especially those with trailers

and a slow and heavy load.

They moan about the cattle

they complain they hear them moo

and phone up to say the bale stack

is blocking up their view.

But when the roads are icy

and then it starts to snow

and they're stuck on hills and ditches

and can't get their car to go

The first one that they phone up

is the guy down on the farm

they know he's got a tractor

and it can't do any harm

and suddenly he's a hero

with a tractor and a rope

the first one that they call out

when they cannot cope.

And he always takes the call out

he doesn't want your money

he'll do his best to help you

I think it's rather funny

Because they will soon forget him

when the snow has gone away

and they're stuck behind his trailer

loaded up with hay.

Jan Millward©

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